Project planning, supply and operation by the experts

The new outsourcing model of WINTERTECHNIK means one thing above all for you: relief for your personnel resources, outstanding planning and implementation and cost transparency. The perfect logistics and organisation of WINTERTECHNIK enables us to support you with an outsourcing operation model that reaches from the project planning to the handing over of the guarantee for the first snow.

Professional first snow

We will see to all the work steps in the planning, supply the snow machines, install them and commission the fully-automatic snow systems. The first snow which is so decisive for the whole season (35 cm height of snow) is carried out by the most modern system technology in the shortest space of time. Our  SnowScan - System guarantees a flawless first snowing with the exact measurement of the height of snow. The optimum distribution of snow, best use of the existing quantity of snow and the calculability of the costs are thus ensured.

Since 2004, WINTERTECHNIK has been looking after various skiing areas in the outsourcing operator model.

Minimise your risks and gain more time for what is essential using WINTERTECHNIK outsourcing. Contact us.